Permanent & Environmentally Safe

Fiber Shield's technology is the finest protection available. Nanotechnology allows our protectant to penetrate fibers without sealing in dirt. We can safely protect your finest silk & wool rugs as well as your wall-to-wall carpeting. Fiber Shield will not effect texture & will survive multiple professional cleanings.

on-location cleaning

NO SOAP, Eco Friendly

Tony's revolutionary cleaning technology gives us the unique ability to deep clean without the use of high-residue soaps, shampoos or harsh chemicals. With our custom built equipment, we bring 200 gallons of specially conditioned water to each job site. Our custom made cleaning system gives us the ability to gently & effectively clean everything from the most delicate fabrics to the most heavily soiled carpet and rugs. Our system super-heats the water yielding the most amazing results on even the most heavily soiled carpets & rugs.

premium fiber protection & Cleaning

specialized cleaning

Silk, Wool, Cotton, Linen

Tony's specializes in cleaning natural fibers. Your fine rugs & furniture can be professionally cleaned on-location safely by the most experienced team in the business.

the ultimate fabric protection

Fiber Shield is the most effective first line of defense

Fiber Shield finishes uses the most advanced technology to penetrate all natural and synthetic fibers in order to give permanent stain & sun fade resistance to your finest fabrics. Silk, cotton, wool, synthetics and leather can be sealed without changing the color or texture. Damaging UV rays occurring naturally from the sun and those produced by artificial light are absorbed by our protective coating. Our durable finish will survive multiple professional cleanings.

the best cleaning ever!

No Soap & No Sticky Residue

Eco-friendly cleaning solutions are applied to heavily soiled areas & then the soil is rinsed away with our specially conditioned water, leaving your carpet soft, fresh & clean. Because we don't use high residue soaps, shampoos or sticky detergents to clean, no dirt attracting residue is left behind. No sticky residue means that your surfaces stay cleaner longer. Our GREEN cleaning is safe for people, pets & the environment. Our technologically advanced extraction equipment is so powerful that it is capable of cleaning and sanitizing surfaces without the use of toxic chemicals. We have the most experienced, well trained and trusted technicians available coupled with the best equipment available today.